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Annual Meeting @ Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde

25 MAY




Belgian Core Curriculum Course 2022

June 25, 2022
8h30 - 13h00
September 17, 2022
8h30 - 13h00
December 10, 2022
8h30 - 13h00

State of the Art 2022

December 15, 2022

Annual Meeting 2022

May 24, 2022
annual Meeting

Belgian Core Curriculum Course in Neprology


20/03/2021 | 24/04/2021 | 19/06/2021 | 18/09/2021 | 11/12/2021

Program 2021



State of the Art | Transplantation

16 DEC 2021
Cancer  |  Infections  |  Cardiovascular disease  |  Living Donation
Immunology  |  Pathology







Annual Meeting

27 MAY 2021


Program | Abstract book


1. Contribution of measuring complement regulatory factors in blood as part of the evaluation of patients with thrombotic microangiopathy
S. Bisselele, P. Stordeur, J. Smet, J. Gleeson, D. Abramowicz, A. Massart
2. The choice between deceased and living donor kidney transplantation in children and adolescents: a multicentric cross-sectional study.
L. Dierickx, L. Willem, A. Raes, K. Van Hoeck, K. Van Cauwenberghe, J. Vande Walle, E. Swauwaert,
E. Levtchenko, N. Knops, A. Prytula
3. Variability of bioimpedance measurements in hemodialysis patients.
F. Collart, M. Taghavi, T. Salaouatchi, G. Musigazi, M. Mesquita
4. Renal outcome and life expectancy in a Belgian elderly population with chronic kidney failure; a retrospective study.
R. Vleut, L. de Waele, K. Wouters, R. Hellemans, A. Massart, E. Philipse, K. Leyssens, D. Abramowicz,
M.M. Couttenye
5. "Is polyomavirus associated nephropathy more common in kidney transplant recipients exposed to valganciclovir?" ~ A retrospective single center analysis ~
A. Bertels, K. Wouters, V. Wijtvliet, A. Massart, K. Bergs, V. Mattheeussen, D. Abramowicz, R. Hellemans
6. Human stool metabolome differs upon 24-hour blood pressure levels and blood ressure dipping status: a prespective longitudinal study.
J. Huart, A. Cirillo, B. Taminiau, J. Descy, A. Saint-Remy, G. Daube, JM Krzesinski, P. Melin, P. de Tullio,
F. Jouret
7. Colon transporters in chronic kidney disease: a potential target to reduce microbiome-derived uremic toxins?
M. Lauriola, S. Dejongh, B. Meijers
8. Effect of kidney stone prevention on urinary risk factors for kidney stone formation and new stone formation: a single centre retrospective cohort study.
F. Janssens, C. Tielemans, L. Vonckx, KM. Wissing, E. Van de Perre
9. Dietary fibre intake is associated with serum levels of uraemic toxins in children with Chronic Kidney Disease.
A. El Amouri, E. Snauwaert, A. Foulon, C. Vande Moortel, M. Van Dyck, K. Van Hoeck, N. Godefroid, G. Glorieux, W. Van Biesen, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes, S. Eloot
10. Peritoneal dialysis initiation to treat end stage kidney disease during pregnancy: a report of 2 cases.
L. Jacobs, S. Kaysi, M. Mesquita, C. Fosso, A. Carlin, I. Brayer, M. Dratwa.
11. A kinetics based algorithm to treat acute neonatal hyperammonemia.
E. Snauwaert, J. De Rudder, P. Verloo, E. Dhont, A. Raes, W. Van Biesen, S. Eloot
12. Systematic screening for sars-cov-2 s1/s2 antibodies helps to better assess the real incidence of covid-19 in kidney transplant recipients.
L. Firket, P. Huynen, C. Bonvoisin, A. Bouquegneau, M-H Delbouille, S. Grosch, F. Jouret, L. Weekers
13. Timing and duration of pre-transplant screening for renal transplantation: Reasons for delay and room for improvement.
M. Dirix, E. Philipse, R. Vleut, V. Hartman, B. Bracke, T. Chapelle, G. Roeyen, D. Ysebaert, G. Van Beeumen,
A. Massart, K. Leyssens, M.M. Couttenye, D. Abramowicz, R. Hellemans
14. Functional paracelular permeability of the colon in rats with kidney disease.
S. Dejongh, M. Lauriola, R. Farré, B. Meijers
15. Mysterious diagnosis in a child with failure to thrive.
A. Matthys, L. Gheuens, S. Karamaria, A. Prytula, E. Snauwaert, L. Dossche, J. Vande Walle,
J. Dehoorne, A. Raes
16. Reduced incidence of treated kidney failure (KF)) in 2020 : a Covid-19 effect ?
L.Jacobs, F.Collart, T.Baudoux, C.Bonvoisin, JM De Smet, A Devresse, J Mbaba, L Radermacher, JM des Grottes
17. Chronic acetaminophen use: a rare but emerging cause of 5-oxoproline-induced increased anion gap metabolic acidosis.
E. Devolder, W. Rosseel, A. Van Der Veen, M. Van Hemelen, P. Verschueren, A. Wilmer , P. Vermeersch,
K. Claes
18. 12-Month Analysis of ILLUMINATE-A, a Phase 3 Study of Lumasiran: Sustained Oxalate Lowering and Kidney Stone Event Rates in Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1
A. Devresse1, J. M Saland, J. Groothoff, Y. Frishberg, S-A Hulton, M. Koren, J. Scott Overcash,
A-L Sellier-Leclerc, G. Deschenes, H. Shasha-Lavsky, W. Hayes, D. Fuster, D. Magen, S. H Moochhala, M. Coenen, E. Simkova, S.F Garrelfs, D.J, Sas, K. Meliambro, T. Ngo, K. Fujit8, J.M Gansner, T.L McGregor, J. C Lieske
19. The irradiation-induced renal ischemic preconditioning is blunted by the oral administration of the antiangiogenic agent, sunitinib
B. Khbouz, F. Lallemand, P.l Rowart, L. Poma, JM Krezenski, N. Eddine Sounni, A. Noel, F. Jouret
20. ADPKD, cytopenia and transplant outcomes.
P. Schellekens, D. Mekahli, I. Meyts, R. Vennekens, B. Bammens
21. Potassium and fibre: a controversial couple in the nutritional management of children with Chronic Kidney
A. El Amouri, K. Delva, A. Foulon, C. Vande Moortel, K. Van Hoeck, G. Glorieux, W. Van Biesen, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes, E. Snauwaert, S. Eloot
22. Impact of COVID-19 on the peritonitis rate in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients (Pts); a monocentric
retrospective study
L. Jacobs, J. Nortier, I. Brayer, C. Fosso, M. Mesquita, F. Collart, M. Dratwa
23. Optimised amoxicillin/clavulanic acid dosing in patients on chronic high-flux haemodialysis
K. De Schuyter, P.J. Colin, F. Vanommeslaeghe, S. Delanghe, P. De Cock, P. De Paepe, W. Van Biesen, S. Eloot
24. The heterogenous spectrum of nephrotic syndrome in a hiv positive patient: a case report.
P Braet, B. Sprangers, P. De Munter



State of the Art |17/12/2020 | Program

Annual Meeting | 29/09/2020 | Program

poster 1
Potential interpretations of criteria for AKI by automated decision support algoritms: impact on AKI incidence.
poster 2
A new mutation in the COL4A3 gene in eight families and potential modifier genes.
poster 3
Different potential interpretations of criteria for AKI when using automated decision support: impact on associated mortality.
poster 4
The development of transition services in renal care in synergy with young patients, parents and pediatric and adult health care provides: a co-creation approach.
poster 5
Antiphospholipid antibodies and arteriovenous fistula maturation in hemodialysis patients is there a link?– A retrospective study.
poster 6
FCGG Renal Biopsy Network: first epidemiological report on pediatric renal diseases.
poster 7
The use of a visual 4-point scoring scale improves the yield of 18F-FDG PET-CT in the diagnosis of cyst infection in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.
poster 8
Nephrolithiasis epidemiology based on Daudon's morphoconstitutional classification of kidney stones: a retrospective, single-center study.
poster 9
Preliminary data from pilot survey of clinical practice in the management of kidney stone disease in Belgium (Belgium Kidney Stone Survey- BelKiSS).
poster 10
UV Fluorescence-Based Determination of Urinary Advanced Glycation End Products in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.
poster 11
Late diagnosis and management challenges of systemic sarcoidosis with renal involvement.
poster 12
COVID-19 infection in a patient called in for kidney transplantation.
poster 13
Spondylodiscitis in a hemodialysis patient.

Core Curriculum Course Nephrology

20/06/2020 | 19/09/2020 | 12/12/2020


Core Curriculum Course Nephrology

16/03/2019 - 15/06/2019 - 21/09/2019 - 14/12/2019

  • Peritoneal dialysis - E. Goffin
  • Electrolytes disturbances - S. Van Laecke
  • Chronic kidney Disease - JM Krzesinski
  • Renal imaging - R. Oyen
  • Plasmapheresis and adsorption therapies - D. De Clerck
  • Hemodialysis - B. Meijers
  • Nephrotic syndrome - J. Van de Walle
  • Arterial hypertension and renal disease
    - P. Van Der Niepen
  • Hemodialysis - R. Vanholder
  • Body water (dys)regulation in renal diseases - J. Morelle
  • Kidney stones - F. Jouret
  • Diabetes mellitus and renal disease - M Couttenye

State of the Art @ Living Tomorrow



Core Curriculum Course Nephrology
24/03/2018 - 16/06/2018 - 22/09/2018 - 15/12/2018

Program (PDF)

  • RRT in ICU - J. Vanmassenhove
  • Hereditary kidney diseases - N. Demoulin
  • Renal function assessment - P. Delanaye
  • Tubulointerstitial kidney diseases - J. Nortier
  • Ethics and renal disease - B. De Moor
  • Vascular and glomerular diseases - B. Sprangers
  • Renal transplantation - D. Kuypers
  • Aging and renal diseases - G. Van Pottelbergh
  • Acute kidney injury - E. Hoste
  • Electrolytes disturbances - B. Bammens
  • Bone mineral disease in CKD - P. Evenepoel
  • Epidemiology of renal diseases - M. Wissing

State of the Art 13/12/2018 | "General Nephrology"
Living Tomorrow Vilvoorde

Program & route description

Annual Meeting 19/04/2018
Program (PDF)


State of the Art 14/12/2017
Clinical issues in dialysis treatment
Program (PDF)

Annual Meeting 12/09/2017
Clinical Pathologic Conference
Program (PDF) - Abstract book (PDF)

BCCCN 2017 - Program (PDF)


State of the Art 15/12/2016
Kidney Transplantation: what the nephrologist needs to know
Program (PDF)

Annual Meeting 28/04/2016
Program (PDF) - Abstract book (PDF)

BCCCN 2016 - Program (PDF)


State of the Art 10/12/2015
Program (PDF)

Benelux Kidney Meeting 09/10/2015
Program (PDF) - Abstract book (PDF)

Annual Meeting 30/04/2015
Program (PDF)

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